The Arts @ Newman

Welcome to the Arts @ Newman!

At Newman the art student is afforded many opportunities for exploration, growth, and mastery in the arts. Please explore the site to better understand the curriculum and journey below to view some of the exciting formative experiences on our campus and beyond.
“Art is a universal language; it is not tied to any one nation or people. It offers students a chance to develop and communicate ideas and emotions in a powerful way. At Newman we explore the technique and purpose behind our creations, but we also build arts literacy and knowledge of art’s history. We look to past great musicians, performers, and visual artists to inform our current explorations in the studio or on the stage. At Newman, through our strong curriculum and formative arts experiences, we begin this conversation with the students so that they can continue their own journey as creative thinkers throughout their lives.”
- Andrew Rodgers, Dean of the Arts

Featured Video:
Andrew Elkins Day with Heather Hansen

Andrew Elkins Day brings a working artist or group to Newman’s campus annually to share their work and conduct workshops with students. Most recently, visiting artist Heather Hansen combined music, movement, and visual art to entertain and inspire. The video above documents her inspiring performance art and the workshops she conducted with Newman students.

Each year, Newman Arts students are offered the singular opportunity to exhibit their work next to world-class artwork on loan from the New Orleans Museum of Art. The students use the NOMA artwork as an inspiration for their own pieces, and the program culminates in an exhibition of student work in Newman’s Reynolds Ryan Art Gallery.
The Friedler Family Artist in Residence program lets Newman students work closely with a recognized local or national artist. Last year, students collaborated with visiting artist Max Bernardi in their classrooms and studios. Together, they created inspirational environmental murals that currently hang on our campus.
As part of our robust performing arts curriculum,  Newman’s students stage an Upper School play and musical, a Middle School musical, several seasonal Band and Choir performances, as well as Lower School drama events and a Summer Theater Conservatory. Drama and music classes are offered from preschool to 12th grade.
The Arts Mission Statement
At Newman we believe that the arts are a universal language that is essential to the development of the whole child. We believe that every student is an artist, and it is the mission of the Arts Department to foster the artist within each student. We value each student of the arts and strive to provide the necessary tools to be successful in the world of the arts.

Through exploration of the arts, Newman students develop a broad and deep understanding of the world around them, sharpen their creative thinking skills, and learn to appreciate art for its own sake. Newman students are encouraged to make connections between the arts and their own lives, and through the act of creation, develop confidence in themselves, promote understanding of others, and explore new ideas for the contemporary world.