Arianne Larimer '05

Arianne Larimer
Newman 2005
Tulane University 2009
Director of Sales and Client Development, PureSpectrum
I graduated from Newman in 2005 with a plan. It doesn’t matter so much today what that plan was, because I didn’t follow it. I can blame Katrina, I can blame the freedom of college, or I can thank my parents and my secondary education for preparing me to succeed in a world of uncertainty, constant change, and limited opportunities. 
My first “real” job out of college was in the headquarters of franchise start-up Naked Pizza. My role was to hold the hands of our franchisees as they built operating units across the country. As with most start-ups, we pivoted regularly – making it difficult to stick to a plan and easy to make mistakes. One thing that held true from my time at Newman: every day I was learning to do by doing.  
I’ve since been a part of several start-ups, currently leading sales and business development for a growing market research & technology company out of California. My time at Newman prepared me to be confident creating somethings out of nothings, to see mistakes (both mine and others’) as opportunities for growth rather than for purposeless punishments, and to solve problems using my resources when there are no established answers.
Today, I wake up each morning with a plan. Sometimes that plan happens, and sometimes it doesn’t. I’m thankful to Newman for giving me the foundation to be successful either way and to lead a life where learning never ends.
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