Dominique Collins '02

Dominique M. Collins
Newman 2002
University of Southern California, BA
Northwestern University, JD/MBA
Wall St. Investment Banker
Founder & CEO Domarco7 Entertainment, LLC

My name is Dominique “Dom” Collins, also known by my stage name, Dom Marcell, and I graduated from Isidore Newman School in 2002. Arriving at Newman as a freshman, I was skinny, had braces, and wore glasses inspired by Steve Urkel – needless to say, my early high school years were socially challenging. I spent most of my free time in the library.

As my Newman career progressed, my confidence grew, and I accepted myself and embraced my talents. My singing and sense of humor drew my classmates to me, and I really began to flourish. During my junior year, I sang Usher’s “U Got It Bad” in the Henson Auditorium for the entire Upper School – a memory I will always cherish. I wowed my peers with the performance and discovered that being on stage was my true passion.

The relationships I developed while at Newman continue to shape me. I feel incredibly lucky to call Martin Fischman ’02 one of my closest friends to this day. Educators like Dr. Sheila Collins supported and challenged me, and taught me how to work hard for success.

I will always be grateful that Newman pushed me both intellectually and creatively. The academic rigor is unparalleled, and provided me with a solid foundation to be successful at the University of Southern California (BA), Northwestern University (JD/MBA), as an investment banker on Wall Street, and now as a performer. Thank you for helping me to develop the confidence to shine.
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