Eugenia Walk '14

Eugenia Walk
Newman 2014
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, College of Engineering 
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Minor in Biomedical Engineering
  • Summer 2017: Supply Chain Management Intern at PepsiCo in Lynchburg, VA
  • Summer 2016: Strategic Engineering Collaboration Intern at Intralox, LLC. in Harahan, LA
  • Summer 2015: Mechanical Engineering Intern at Intralox, LLC. in Harahan, LA
I attended Isidore Newman Upper School for four years graduating in May 2014, with life long friends and skill sets that serve me daily in my life. In addition to teaching me academic skills, Newman’s faculty members developed my confidence and encouraged me to lead in different areas of school life, including Yearbook Publication, Varsity Volleyball, and the Peer Leadership Mentoring Program. The faculty taught me how to lead a team and nurtured my leadership skills, giving me the confidence to help cultivate future leaders from among the underclassmen.  The Newman faculty have a knack for developing the potential in students that sets off a chain reaction, enabling those students to develop the next round of students.  This allows the next round of student leaders to have multiple student mentors and teachers in their corner rooting for them.

As I work toward my degree in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech, I currently serve as Vice President of the Student Engineers’ Council, which helps govern the College of Engineering. I have found that the skill of developing young potential is very important in any field and especially important for leaders. During my Summer Engineering Internships, my ability to work with and lead teams has been most beneficial.  Newman has prepared me not just for my academic aspirations but for my career aspirations as well.  
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