Hillary Haspel '11

Newman 2011
University of Texas at Austin, BA Psychology, 2015
University of Denver, MSW/LSW 2017
Bilingual Child and Family Therapist
Mental Health Center of Denver
When I think about my 13 years at Newman I cannot help but think of all of the incredible teachers who helped me along the way. While I can still name every teacher I ever had, my relationships with Robyn McCormick, Erin O’Brien, and Sally Uzee stand out the most. They were the faculty sponsors for organizations I belonged to; STEP and Breakthrough, Cheerleading, and ACTIONS Club, respectively. They challenged me to be the best group member and leader I could be. Robyn allowed me to start a “Check- in” system at Breakthrough to monitor students’ wellbeing and test my prowess with early intervention. The success of the Check-in program at Breakthrough confirmed my desire to pursue mental health as a career, and today I am a Bilingual Child and Family Therapist. As a junior, Robyn invited me to join the board of Breakthrough as the only Newman student representative, where I learned about budgeting, fundraising and how to have courage sharing ideas and opinions in a group setting. Erin helped me learn how to be team player, and gain respect from peers and Sally taught me how to plan and execute philanthropy events.
My experiences with Breakthrough, STEP, Cheerleading and ACTIONS gave me opportunities to learn and grow, personally and academically. However, I am most grateful for Robyn, Erin and Sally’s commitment to my overall wellbeing. It was not rare to find me during a free period or after school simply sitting in one of these amazing women’s offices, sharing scholastic or personal concerns. I could always count on them for guidance and support. I would not be the person I am today without the experiences and opportunities that were provided to me at Newman.
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