Will Milvid '15

Will Milvid
Newman 2015
University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts, 2019
BFA in Film and Television Production, Minor in Business Finance
Development Intern at Sonar Entertainment

I attended Newman for fourteen years. Through my time there, I found that each faculty member sought to achieve the same goal—to get their students to think critically. This style of teaching taught me how to use my brain creatively. Not only was I learning the subject material, but I was learning how to find solutions to problems without help. The problem solving skills that I developed at Newman made me a better student, artist, and person.

Now, I have begun my career as a filmmaker (a medium that is more about problem solving than it is about the art itself) and I have found that Newman could not have prepared me better for it. I never thought I would ever find a practical use for any of the knowledge I gained by studying for Calculus tests. But just like any problem on a set or in a script, Calculus problems have answers. The skills that I learned to find those answers are what stuck with me.

I am currently interning in the development office of a television production company in Los Angeles. My job is to read pilot scripts, write synopses, and offer my personal critiques. Landing that gig would have been difficult if not impossible without my ability to think critically. Newman pushed to question everything and to be the best that I could. Without it, who knows if I would be pursuing my dream.
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