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The Newman Counseling Department provides for students in our community an opportunity to seek and develop resources and support for their own social and emotional development. Reflecting Newman’s Statement of Purpose, we are particularly committed to the values of compassion and responsibility for others, respect for cultural and personal differences, and the emotional well-being of each member of our community.

The two primary goals of our department could be generalized as follows: first, to provide a confidential resource for any individual student or family who may be having some emotional, social or behavioral difficulty. Second, to provide a human development curriculum that allows students the opportunity in facilitated classroom discussions to explore issues relevant to their social and emotional development.

The human development program arose from a need identified by teachers, parents, and administrators. It replaces the more traditional health curriculum with an integrated and progressive curriculum serving Lower, Middle and Upper Schools.

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Guidance Counseling Staff

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  • Photo of Courtney Costello

    Courtney Costello 

    Lower School Counselor
  • Photo of Mary Emily Ryan

    Mimi Ryan 

    Middle School Counselor
  • Photo of Michelle Goehring

    Michelle Goehring 

    Upper School Counselor
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