Newman Athletic Mission Statement

The Newman Athletic Department seeks to:

  • Promote academic excellence in a well rounded athletic program
  • Develop character through an emphasis on the Athletic Department’s core values
  • Teach life skills by managing the challenges of competitive athletics
  • Foster leadership development and skills through the Captains’ Leadership Council
  • Empower our student athletes to develop a tough-minded, competitive excellence
  • Provide and develop talented, dedicated and passionate coaches and support staff


Athletics play a very prominent and very significant role in campus life. Isidore Newman School competes interscholastically at the varsity, junior varsity, freshman, and middle school levels. The Newman Athletic Department provides opportunities for students to enrich their Upper School and Middle School experiences through comprehensive, competitive, positive, and challenging experiences whereby our student-athletes develop an appreciation for such attributes as commitment, integrity, loyalty, and responsibility. Furthermore, our student athletes are encouraged to achieve excellence in competition and individual development, gaining discipline, physical fitness, learning respect, teamwork and leadership skills in the process. Consistent participation will afford students the opportunity to learn and develop new skills and apply them to new situations. Thus, in a broader scope, our programs are designed to encourage students to become lifelong learners and positive citizens within our society.

The primary goal of the Athletic Department at Newman is to support the school’s Statement of Purpose of valuing each individual and developing the whole person. This is accomplished by providing students with opportunities for interscholastic athletic participation and competition. Isidore Newman School encourages a highly competitive attitude within the athletic program and takes great pride in winning; however, competing with character is of utmost importance. We discourage any and all pressures that lead to poor sportsmanship and words or actions that would bring dishonor to any individual, team, or school. An additional emphasis of the Athletic Department is to produce a championship culture which means creating an environment of shared beliefs and values.

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  • Role of the Student-Athlete

    Because participants in interscholastic competition represent Newman to the public, we expect all student-athletes to observe the following policies. Coaches are expected to go over this with their teams prior to the start of practice.


    1. Maintain all academic work
    2. Conform to school and team rules concerning tobacco, alcohol, and drugs; reference the Newman training rules document
    3. Attend all meetings, practices, and games, including practices and games scheduled during school holidays and vacations
    4. Respect the judgment of administrators and the authority and guidance of captains, coaches, and game officials
    5. Abstain from the use of profanity at any time while representing Newman
    6. Maintain self-control before, during, and after all practices and games
    7. Be respectful and polite to opponents before, during, and after games
    8. Commend good play and good sportsmanship whether displayed by a teammate or an opponent
    9. Appreciate the responsibility of officials and both respect and accept their decisions
    10. Respect the property of the School and treat this property with care
    11. Conduct themselves properly and in a manner that they will never be a discredit to themselves, their team, or Newman

    Unacceptable Behaviors

    1. Disrespect to coaches or teammates
    2. Blaming a loss on game officials, coaches, or participants
    3. Yelling or waving arms during opponent’s free-throw attempt
    4. Disrespectful or derogatory yells, chants, songs, or gestures
    5. Berating opponent’s school or mascot
    6. Booing or heckling an official’s decision
    7. Criticizing officials in any way; displays of temper with an official’s call
    8. Refusing to shake hands or give recognition for good performances
    9. Laughing or name-calling to distract an opponent
    10. Use of profanity or displays of anger
    11. Trash-talking, taunting, or baiting by players, coaches, or spectators

    All student athletes should fully understand the above policies and expectations. They should realize that failure to comply with any of these policies could result in suspension from the team, plus any other action deemed necessary by the Athletic Director or school administration.
  • Role of the Parent

    Any person who demonstrates good sportsmanship, whether a student or a parent, is a true leader in the community. The role of the parent in the education of a student is crucial. As a parent of a student athlete at Isidore Newman School, your goal should include:

    1. Realizing that athletics is part of the educational experience and the benefits of involvement go beyond the final score of the game
    2. Encouraging our student-athletes to perform their best, just as we would urge them on with their class work, knowing that others might turn in better performances
    3. Participating in positive cheers or comments that encourage all of our students and not participating in negative cheers or comments that would redirect that focus, including those that taunt and intimidate our opponents, their fans, or the officials
    4. Learning, understanding, and respecting the rules of the game, the officials who administer them, and their decisions
    5. Learning, understanding, respecting and supporting the training rules of the Newman Athletic Department
    6. Respecting the task our coaches face as teachers and supporting them as they strive to educate our student-athletes
    7. Respecting our opponents as fellow student-athletes and acknowledging them for striving to do their best
    8. Working within the framework of the school operating procedures for fundraising, purchasing, travel, and other related activities
    9. Exemplifying model behavior under all circumstances
    10. Being a fan… not a fanatic!

    You have a tremendous and significant influence on your child’s attitude about academics and athletics. The leadership role you take in character development and in good sportsmanship will help influence your child, his or her team, and the Newman community for years to come.
  • Newman Athletic Participation Forms 2023-24

    Newman Athletic Participation Forms 2023-24

Athletic Values Include:

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Responsibility
  • Determination
  • Toughness both mentally and physically
  • Tenacity
  • Yourself
  • Teammates
  • Coaches
  • Sport
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