The curriculum in the Middle School creates a developmentally appropriate, challenging, and thoughtful bridge between the experiences of Lower School and Upper School. During this dynamic and varied developmental span, students do best when they are given concrete ways in which to develop and extend skills, are known deeply as individuals, and are encouraged to develop agency in their own lives. We encourage you to explore our curricular offerings below.

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  • Arts

    We believe that the arts are a universal language that is essential to the development of the whole child. We believe that every student is an artist and the mission of the arts department is to foster the artist within each student. The arts develop creative thinking and self-expression. Through exploration of the arts, Newman students develop a broad and deep understanding of the world around them, greater engagement with ideas, and a well-rounded educational experience. We want all Newman students to make connections between arts and life.

    Each school year, Middle School students choose among the following three arts options:
    • Arts Rotation (Studio Arts, Acting, Dance, Media Arts)
    • Band
    • Choir
  • English

    A Newman English education fosters empathy and empowers students to use, understand, and love language and its possibilities. As a department, we offer a rigorous and academically challenging college preparatory curriculum to all students. Our sequential, literature-based curriculum – beginning in the fifth grade – is based on current research as well as teaching experience and balances creativity with analysis in reading and writing. In an environment where students and teachers alike are encouraged to take risks, we foster self-confidence, independence, and responsibility.

    • English 6
    • English 7
    • English 8
  • History

    The History Department at Newman is integrated from fifth through twelfth grade. The two main goals of the departmental offerings are to help students learn how to organize and present cogent arguments both orally and in writing, and to instill in students a lasting familiarity with key information about the past. The first goal is pursued by engaging students in a great deal of writing, building each year on previously developed skills, from a focus on paragraph development in the early years to honing multi-paragraph essays and well-supported arguments in the upper grades. The series of courses offered in the department incorporates content that will allow each student to develop a greater appreciation for the complexities of the historical record and the richness of the global community, which moves students toward achievement of the second goal.

    • Sixth Grade: Louisiana-American History
    • Seventh Grade: American History
    • Eighth Grade: Cultural Geography
  • Math

    The primary goal of the Mathematics Department is to provide Newman students with a solid foundation in mathematics for college. In addition to preparing students academically, we attempt to instill in them a mathematical curiosity, a love of learning, and a respect for mathematics as a discipline inherently worthy of study, not simply as a method of problem solving. We consider the ability to compute correctly, to use current technology, and to perform algebraic manipulations as necessary, but not sufficient, conditions for success in future academic endeavors. Therefore, we emphasize the understanding of concepts, the appreciation of mathematical systems, and the development of sound reasoning in order to enhance the ability of our students to apply mathematics to the real world situations as well as to other areas of study.
    • Sixth Grade: Math 6 or Math 6 Enriched
    • Seventh Grade: Pre-Algebra or Math 7 Advanced
    • Eighth Grade: Algebra I or Math 8 Advanced
  • Physical Education

    As students enter the Middle School segment of Physical Education, their first experience will be the intramural program in the sixth grade. At this point instruction becomes more complex and the skill work more rigorous, as this is the avenue for students to explore the sports they may choose to play inter-scholastically in Middle School. Following the sports seasons of the year, students spend several weeks in skill development, drills, and rules indoctrination before they are divided into teams for more competitive play. Rather than emphasizing winning, the goal is the acquisition of skills and knowledge needed to play at a higher level.

    In the seventh and eighth grades, the physical education program shifts towards fitness, effectively creating a dual track, one developing team sports and the other directed towards personal fitness. Both tracks work specifically in the areas of peer relations, positive self-image, self-discipline, and teamwork.

    Please see the Athletics page for a listing of all Middle School sports offerings.
  • Science

    Befitting our school motto, “We learn to do by doing," the Middle School Science Department seeks to engage students in a variety of hands-on experimental activities. These activities are designed to promote critical thinking through an analysis of evidence and to convey a sense of respect and appreciation of the natural world. Science classes use multiple methods of assessment including models, projects, research papers, and laboratory experiences.

    In Middle School, sixth graders explore concepts in physical science, focusing on topics in electricity and the geosciences. In seventh grade, students explore biological concepts which include examination of the cell, life processes, evolution, ecology, and a survey of the organisms in the six kingdoms. Eighth grade science is an in-depth introductory physical science that includes the topics of mass, measurement, density, solubility, melting points, and boiling points.

    • Sixth Grade: General Science
    • Seventh Grade: Life Science
    • Eighth Grade: Physical Science
  • World Language

    The emphasis of the World Language Department is on developing language proficiency, based on an early start, language choice, and the mastery of listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing skills. French and Spanish are offered beginning in Pre-K, and the starting point for Latin is sixth grade. In the Middle School, students take three consecutive years in the same world language. They are given the opportunity to switch to a different language in the ninth grade.

    Because language is intimately connected to history, society, and culture, one of the goals of the Middle School language program is to incorporate global studies into the language learning process. As such, language courses emphasize the cultures that the languages represent.

    • French I
    • Latin I
    • Spanish I
    • French II
    • Latin II
    • Spanish II
    • French III
    • Latin III
    • Spanish III

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