Class of 2022 Cum Laude Society Inductees

Following the certificate ceremony, Head of School Dale Smith introduced this year’s Dianne Lynn Levy Memorial Speaker, Hari M. Osofky. This Newman class of 1989 alumna, and fellow Cum Laude Society member, shared a glimpse into her experience as a Greenie and remarked on the profound impact that a Newman education has had on both her educational and personal life. Hari spoke to students about the importance of paying it forward to others, provided tips on how to rise above “imposter syndrome,” and urged students to have the confidence to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. “If you see an open door, go through it,” Hari remarked.

Dean Osofsky also spoke to the great value and powerful impact of lifelong friendships in her life, many of which blossomed right here on Newman's campus. Congratulations to this year’s Cum Laude Society inductees and their families.
Class of 2022 Inductees:

Giovanna Piedimonte, Emmett Paton, Alton Wise, Luke Estrada, Ben Patron, Anita Gorman, Cecile Oliver, Pierce Bewley, Ryker Dolese, Joe Carey, Lizzie Robert, Lillian Powers, Carolina Prieto, Kate Drury, Ellie Carey, Allie Nowak, Nina LeBourgeois, Mallory Magee, Gigi Browne, and Chloe Incaprera.
Listed in order, starting in the back, from left to right.
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