Joy and Boysie Bollinger Performing Arts Building Dedication

At an exciting dedication ceremony and reception on September 19, 2022 Isidore Newman School officially unveiled the Joy and Boysie Bollinger Performing Arts Building, named for its largest benefactors.

The 5,500 square-foot building features two spacious, acoustically optimized rehearsal rooms for Newman’s award-winning Band and Choir programs, three practice rooms (The Brickman Family Practice Room, The Kitty Greenberg Practice Room, and the Lake Family Practice Room), as well as the beautiful Bart Gallery, named after Cathy and Morris Bart who made the first commitment to the project, which showcases student work alongside Newman’s permanent collection.

Since the School’s founding in 1903, the arts have always been an important part of a Newman education. Blending traditional and contemporary architecture, the Joy and Boysie Bollinger Performing Arts Building highlights the connection between this new, state-of-the-art performing arts building and Newman’s historic Jefferson Building, which serves as a part of the new building’s structural integrity.
“This building serves as a sign of our commitment to offer a Newman education that embraces both classical liberal arts and forward-thinking, innovative educational practices,” Head of School Dale Smith said. "Inspiration is a hallmark of the Newman experience, and it certainly exists in this space. The Joy and Boysie Bollinger Performing Arts Building serves as a physical representation of a Neman arts education.”

We are so excited to now hear voices resounding throughout this inspiring space and to see students honing their skills within this beautiful building.
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