Spring Thing: The Art of James Michalopoulos

Isidore Newman School is fortunate to have renowned artist James Michalopoulos on campus, displaying his exhibit, Spring Thing, in the Reynolds Ryan Art Gallery. An Artist Reception was held for Michalopoulous on Thursday, March 30th. Students have also had the unique opportunity to learn directly from the artist in various workshops. We are honored to have this special guest on campus, spending time with our students.

The artwork of James Michalopoulos will be available for purchase at this year's N'Spiration Party, held on April 22, 2023. A percentage of the proceeds from sales will be donated to the Newman Parents Association. Michalopoulos' new book will also be available for purchase and signing at the event. 

Artist Information
Born in Pennsylvania, James Michalopoulos was raised in a home full of art. His father was a prominent modernist architect whose designs helped reshape downtown Pittsburgh. His childhood home was filled with his father’s work, as well as paintings by his uncle, the influential surrealist painter, William Baziotes.
In 1981 he was drawn to New Orleans as the last bastion of hippie bohemian culture in America. He began sketching artists and musicians, houses and street corners. Fascinated with the duality of beauty and decay, the architecture of the city became his muse. Capturing the spirit and the essence of his subject in layer upon layer of thick impasto paint, a portrait of the city appeared, brimming with color and energy. This body of work established him as the most influential living artist in the region today.
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