Marlene Trestman '74 - 2005

Erin Alexander
Marlene Trestman, Class of 1974, like many other Newman alumni, has taken the education she received at Newman and gone on to be a productive member of the community. But what makes her distinguished has been a consistent and active commitment to better not only her immediate community in Baltimore but also the world as a whole.

In Baltimore, since graduating from Goucher College in 1978, she has continued to be very active, serving in various capacities on that school’s alumni association, most recently as President. But her assistance there is not limited to alumni, but also focuses on the students as well.

One of Marlene’s children, Eli, had acute lymphocotic leukemia at age 3. After a brave fight, I gather that Eli has fully recovered. But you all can imagine the great impact this has had on the family. One aspect of this struggle is that it has led Marlene and the rest of her family to continue to be very committed to Johns Hopkins, in particular its cancer research and treatment. There, Marlene now is a member of the Kimmel Cancer Center Advisory Committee and also the Pediatric Oncology Friends Committee.

Professionally, for over the last 20 years since graduating from George Washington University Law School, Marlene has worked in the Maryland Attorney General’s office. At this point, she has risen to Special Assistant to the Attorney General. Marlene has used her position in the AG’s office to help mentor students. She has led the effort to provide internships and other opportunities in that office.

Recently, she was recognized for her significant efforts in successfully going after a major cigarette manufacturer for violating laws designed to prevent marketing of cigarettes that is targeted at children. For the case in question, Kool cigarettes was accused of using hip-hop marketing to target youth.

It is no surprise that that Newman’s Distinguished Alumni Award is not the only recognition that Marlene has received. At the Maryland Attorney General’s Office, she has received the exceptional service award. A few years ago, she received a Mayoral Citation and City Council Resolution from the City of New Orleans recognizing her service to the Jewish Children’s Regional Service. And just last year, she was named 1 of Maryland’s top 100 women.
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