College Counseling

College Counseling Philosophy

We believe that the college search and selection process is an educational process and the natural culmination of a student's years at Newman. We believe, too, that it is the student's journey to undertake and lead. We are here as allies and advocates, and we will endeavor to offer appropriate help throughout. We promote the idea that students get themselves into college. We believe that the process is not a game or a series of hoops to jump through; rather, it is an important period of self-reflection and self-direction. Therefore, as with the rest of the student's education, success in the process will be a function of the student's investment and choices. Proactive and thoughtful effort will ensure a successful journey.

Common Questions

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • When does college counseling start at Newman?

    Newman students begin the college search and selection process in earnest during the spring semester of the junior year. The College Admissions Symposium is held for both students and parents, and then each family meets with a college counselor to begin the process.
  • Where do Newman graduates go to college?

    Newman graduates matriculate to a wide variety of colleges and universities across the country—large and small, public and private. See the Profile of Isidore Newman School on this page for more detailed information.
  • Does ninth grade count for college?

    The vast majority of American colleges and universities do consider students’ ninth grade academic records when making admission decisions. (The few exceptions include the University of California and Stanford University.)
  • Do the SAT and ACT require test preparation?

    The best preparation for the SAT and ACT is a college preparatory course of study such as that provided at Newman. As a supplement to regular coursework, some students find the focused review and test-taking strategies presented in prep courses helpful.  For this reason, Newman has partnered with Alex Gershanik of The Power Courses to provide SAT test preparation classes during the fall semester of the junior year. Other test prep options include online services and review books.
  • When should Newman students visit colleges?

    Spring Break of the junior year is an ideal time for Newman students to visit colleges. Other junior-year opportunities include Mardi Gras Break and summer vacation. Some families choose to visit colleges at the end of college search and selection process, after students have received their offers of admission.

List of 3 events.

  • Nov

    Graduation Announcement Orders

    Don Scamardo with Herff Jones will be on campus during lunch to take graduation announcement orders for the Class of 2019.
    Jefferson - Lapeyre Conference Room - Lapeyre
  • Nov

    Texas A&M University Presentation

    Travis Burks, Recruiting Coordinator for Texas A&M University, will visit Newman to meet with interested students.
    Jefferson - Lapeyre Conference Room - Lapeyre
  • Nov

    Hampshire College Presentation

    Manuel Hernandez, Assistant Director of Admissions at Hampshire College, will visit Newman to meet with interested students.
    Jefferson - Lapeyre Conference Room - Lapeyre

College Counseling Staff

List of 3 members.

  • Ed Graf 

    Director of College Counseling
  • Marie Bigham 

    Director of College Counseling
  • Anita Hedgepeth 

    Registrar/College Counseling Assistant/AP, SAT & SSAT Coordinator/Dean of Class of 2019
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