Christy Mo '17

CURE Violence Intern, New Orleans Health Department (2019)
Academic Outreach Intern, Ochsner Health Systems (2018)

A.B., Environmental Studies, Brown University (pursuing)

Newman built the strong foundation that has allowed me to succeed in forging my path as a current undergraduate. In my 11 years at Newman, the constant support from each of my teachers ensured that the time I spent in their classes not only challenged me intellectually, but helped me develop as a well-rounded student.

Rigorous academics taught using a wide array of teaching styles helped me learn how to think critically from many different perspectives and navigate a myriad of layered expectations - now priceless skills in the fast-paced world of college. Newman's push to learn beyond the classroom, such as through athletics and other extracurriculars, helped me become a disciplined student able to balance multiple demanding commitments at once.

The encouragement and mentorship I received from both my peers and my teachers also gave me the confidence to step out and make a difference around me. In high school, this was manifested in acts like club leadership. In college, this is having the courage to ask a question in large lecture halls of several hundred students, to voice a minority opinion during a group discussion, to taking the initiative and drafting programmatic suggestions to share with internship leaders.
I am now a junior at Brown University, studying environmental health and hoping to one day help tackle public and environmental health challenges in Louisiana as a practicing physician. It is the unconditional support and encouragement of the Newman community to teach each student how to achieve their dreams, that has given me the tools to pursue this path. When the heat turns up in classes, I am able to fall back to the perseverance and problem solving skills I learned in high school calculus, or the careful analytical skills I learned from English class. When a classmate asks for help, I am able to offer them the same wise advice and compassion that I found at Newman. The relationships I built in the Newman community are long lasting: I am still in regular contact with many of my old teachers and classmates and am proud to say, "Go Greenies!"
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