Shane Kupperman '03

Director of Basketball Operations, New Orleans Pelicans

B.S., Business
, Indiana University

When I look back at my Newman experience, I think about the impact it has had on my life and career. Newman provided me with opportunities to learn and to connect with others.

Because of the inclusive community at Newman, I was able to create lifelong friendships. Although most of us were spread throughout the country during college and even today, we are still able to visit each other, reminisce on old memories, and create new experiences. These friendships were formed during our time spent together at Newman, and it’s important to many of us to remain as close now as we were then. Without Newman, those friendships wouldn’t be as tight-knit.

Newman’s biggest strengths are its challenging academics and its teachers that push its students to expand their horizons. And while Newman academics laid a great foundation for learning and exploration, athletics also played an important role in my personal experience; not so much sports themselves as it was my teachers and coaches, especially Coach Fitz.

Playing sports taught me both how to work with others and about leadership. Just as importantly, it taught me a sense of responsibility. All of these qualities have continued to play an important role in my personal life and my career. I currently work in the sports industry, but what I learned at Newman applies to any career and every situation.

My experience at Newman was very enjoyable, informative, and formative. Now that I have two children of my own – one now old enough to be at Newman – I trust they will have the same positive experience I did.
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